SEVINJ SEYIDOVA, Doctoral student of Baku State University, Director of Baku Modern International School. E-mail: [email protected]

The acquisition of organizational skills of students is a significant issue in order to the formation of professional qualities and functioning effectively as a part of team in the future. Thus, the achievements of students in their careers will be conditional not only on knowledge and practical skills but also on the ability to communicate with colleagues in a group. Even though communication skills start to be formed since a young age, student years can be considered the most productive period. A person with sufficient communication skills feels unrestricted in diverse situations, including in the business environment, and turns out to be the professional expert. Teamwork has a direct impact on the development of a student’s communication skills. It requires to have control over his emotions, to demonstrate self-confidence, and to manage behaviors in common for a specialist who is at the initial level of his career. Successful communication skills ensure mutual understanding, create trust in relationships and provide effective problem-solving. During the process, a person preparing to become an expert demonstrates a creative and non-standard point of view towards problem solving, simultaneously the qualities as creativity, freedom, self-discipline and the ability to put forward ideas are developed.