The article discusses the literary achievements of Muhammad Fuzuli, who has made unparalleled contributions to the development of native Azerbaijani literature. He is recognized as one of the masterful artists of medieval Azerbaijani literature, having created a continuous literary tradition and unique characteristics in his creative works and genre. It is reported that in the art of Fuzuli, the ghazal holds a distinctive place, and he wrote more than a hundred odes in Azerbaijani, Persian, and Arabic languages. Information about the language and stylistic features, thematic scope, and plot of the poems titled “Leyli and Majnun”, “Bangu-Bade”, “Sohbet-ul Asmar”, and “Haft-jam” is provided. Alongside being a master of poetic form, it is emphasized that the poet played a significant role in the development of classical Azerbaijani prose as an exemplar of his works such as “Rindu-Zahid”, “Sahhat and Maraz”, “Five Prose Letters” (including “Shikayetname”), and “Hadigatus-Suada”.