The acceleration of globalization processes caused also the involvement of the Azerbaijan Republic in a global labor division. The integration of Azerbaijan into the world economy has given rise to a wave of investments in the field of oil refining and new job opportunities have been formed in the mentioned field. Nevertheless, there is a huge opposition towards the supply and demand in the labor market of Azerbaijan. The inconsistency of the training of university graduates with the requirements of the labor market increases the need for the transition of the higher education system to the system of professional standards. Some issues influence the question of the employment of young professionals such as, on the one hand, by the characteristic aspects of the education system, and on the other by the changing trends emerging in the labor market. To identify problems associated with graduates turning to be a part of the labor market, there is a need to define the labor trends, to conduct monitoring studies on professional motivation and labor behavior of students. Currently, the strengthening of the vocational education system based on the requirements of the labor market is one of the priority issues of the state policy of Azerbaijan. The introduction of professional standards based on proficiency is the key point for developing the competitiveness of the national workforce and its integration into the international labor market.