The quality of the education system has become a research object for many researchers. Several quality indicators related to quality
improvement in higher education institutions are tested and investigated. Some of these indicators are classified around the academic staff activity. There are many studies on the activity of academic staff in the literature. However, studies on rating  assessment reflecting many aspects of the activity of academic staff are at the zero level. Therefore, it is purposeful to study this type of research extensively. The article deals with the systematic rating assessment reflecting the scientific, pedagogical and social activities of the academic staff at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (ASPU). The study’s subject was the results of the rating assessment of approximately 1200 academic staff at ASPU from 2018 to 2021 via 72 indicators. All the obtained data were comparatively extensively analyzed in Excel and SPSS software. It has been established that the dynamics of the achievement of the teaching staff continue with increasing lines. However, in the case of the COVID19 pandemic, the relative decline in academic staff points in 2020 did not fundamentally affect the overall development dynamics. In addition, a positive correlation coefficient was found between the academic staff’s points, the number of academic papers, and their points by students. Based on the analysis of the studies, it was shown that the rating assessment of the academic staff at the university has a good effect on the university’s research, teaching and social environment. At the same time, this assessment gives a significant impetus to the internationalization of the teaching staff and their teaching activities.